A good protective style is one that completely tucks away the ends of your hair (the oldest part of your hair), doesn’t require daily restyling and lasts over a week. Besides, we all need a break from our hair once in a while! In this article, we explore how to get the most out of wigs as a protective style.

Shampoo, condition and moisturise your hair first

Before going into protective styling for any period of time, make sure your hair is clean and moisturized.

Cornrow or flat twist your hair

A critical step to wearing wigs as a protective style is put away your hair in the form of cornrows or flat twists (if you can’t cornrow). The whole point is to avoid manipulating your hair every single day which may lead to breakage.

Mosturise your hair and scalp

While your hair is in cornrows or twists, moisturise your hair and scalp at least once a week. We recommend the LCO method (liquid, cream, oil). Start with a leave-in conditioner, followed by a moisturising cream and lastly use an oil to seal in the moisture.

Massage your scalp

This will help stimulate blood flow and help your hair grow (and it’s relaxing!). We recommend massaging your scalp every night before bed.

Keep up with your wash day routine!

Do your regular wash day routine at least once every two weeks. You can either wash your hair while in the cornrows and twists or undo them (of course you’ll have to redo them after washing your hair). Water is the best moisturiser so washing your hair is the best way to restore moisture.


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