How is hair length measured?

In this article, learn more about how wigs and bundles are measured.

How to measure wig length

Wigs are commonly measured from the root (in this case the wefts) to the tips. To measure a wig, take a piece of hair from root of the wig at the crown, place your measuring tape or ruler and measure to the end of the piece. For curly and wavy hair, always stretch the hair out to its full length.

Our wig lengths at Crush On Lulu are based on the length of the longest bundles used. This ensures that the wig you order has full ends. You are getting the most hair possible and your or your hair stylist have the flexibility to trim and customize.

How to use a hair length chart

A hair length chart is an estimation of where the ends of the wig will reach based on the length of bundles used, the texture and your body structure. The measurements on the chart are taken from the crown of the head (very top) to the end of a piece of hair. This does not reflect where the wigs will end on your shoulders and back.

A 10 inch straight bundle measured from the crown of the head to the end of the piece will land around the back of your hairline like on the chart. But if you measured 10 inches from the nape of your neck, it would go past your shoulders. This gives you a better indication of where the wig will end.

Where the wig lands on your back and shoulders may vary depending on your height, neck and body structure.

How is hair length measured?

How to measure bundles and closures

To measure a bundle, pull a piece from the bundle and measure from the weft to the ends. To measure a closure, pull a piece of hair from the closure and measure from the roots to the end.

Closure measurements may vary depending on the hair grade and the amount of longer pieces.

What is stretched length?

For wavy and curly hair, the hair must be pulled and stretched out to it’s full length to get a true measurement. This is why a straight wig and a curly wig of the same length may appear to end at different points on your shoulders and back.

How is hair length measured?

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