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Best Wigs for Summer/Hot Weather

It’s no easy feat wearing a wig in the warmer months. But if you’re one of those people who don’t mind a little warmth on the head then these are the best wigs for summer and warm/hot weather.

1. The Bob Wig

Shorter is better when it comes to warm weather and wigs. We recommend a bob wig that is 8 to 12 inches. Less hair on your back means less sweating in that area.

2. The Pixie Cut Wig

Pixie wigs are lightweight and breathable for the scalp. With a pixie wig, there is hardly any hair touching your back or neck.

3. (Short) Headband Wigs

If you’re worried about sweating the glue off your lace then go the no-lace route with a headband wig.

4. The Finger Wave Wig

This timeless, glueless wig is perfect for the hotter months because it is both off the shoulders and off the face.

5. The Closure/Frontal Wig Update

For the daring. You can get away with your long wigs in the summer by styling them as a bun or ponytail.

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