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23 Creative Frontal Wig Hairstyles to Try This Summer 2023

Tired of wearing the same straight down hairstyle? Don’t worry, sis. We’ve got you covered.

Frontal wigs are so versatile. Take advantage of the ear to ear hairline with these beautiful hairstyles done on a lace frontal wig.

1. Half-up with side parts

This hairstyle is so cute and simple. You can definitely pull this off when you’re in a pinch for time.

2. Low fishtail braids

A timeless summer look that brings out your best facial features.

3. Headband braid

This hairstyle may look complicated but it’s actually easy to do. Grab a clump of hair behind your ear and braid it. Then simply flip the braid over your head like a headband and tuck in the rest of the braid inside with a bobby pin.

4. Face framing braids

Similar to the fishtail braid style, this hairstyle brings out your face, enhancing your natural features (or showcasing your gorgeous makeup!).

5. Two cornrows with bangs

Elegant yet simple, this hairstyle is perfect for any event.

6. Large cornrows on curly hair

A classic hairstyle best done on deep wave hair.

7. Criss cross squares

Add gold clips or beads to spice up this hairstyle.

8. Rubber band hairstyle

This rubber band hairstyle is perfect for summer days. The wind in your hair and your hair off your face.

9. Space buns with bangs

If you’re adventurous enough, go ahead and add some bangs to your lace frontal wig and top it off with two buns.

10. Space buns with zigzag part

Ditch the traditional straight part with this hairstyle. Use a curling wand or flat iron to add some curly pieces on the buns or alternatively add a curly hair piece to the buns for more texture.

11. Side swoops with a bun

This hairstyle is so easy that you can do it yourself. You can also achieve the same look with a left or right part. It’s up to you!

12. High ponytail with a swoop

Frontal where? You’ll have all your friends wondering how you did it.

13. The heart fringe

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you’ll know exactly which hairstyle to do.

14. Side swoop on short hair

Yes, you can switch things up on short hair too! Just part out a good amount of hair for the fringe and secure with bobby pins.

15. Zigzag part on straight hair

Step away from the conventional with this simple but unique variation.

16. Butterfly braid

It’s all about the little details. This butterfly braid adds a little something extra to an otherwise classic look.

17. Slick back half up on curly hair

Flat iron or hot comb the frontal portion first to really flatten out the slick back.

18. Glam headband

A fun and simple way to spice up your look is with a glamorous headband.

19. Crown braids on ginger hair

How about a different color? Try something new and spicy like ginger hair.

20. Broken heart part

Start with a zigzag part and then curve out the corners of the heart to achieve this eye catching look.

21. Flat twists with accessories

Can’t cornrow? Twist it! Secure the twists with bold hair clips or bobby pins.

22. Space buns on short curly hair

Something about this hairstyle on short hair just looks super cute. Use mouse or gel to get better curl definition.

23. Bantu knots with mini braids

Bantu knots on a frontal? Why knot?! Triangle parts add a whole other flavor to this gorgeous style.

Have you tried any of these looks? Go ahead and do something different with your look this summer.

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